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  • Pitching Lessons,

    • Preparation and warm-up
    • Arm Action Drills
    • Lower Half Development
    • Focused Bullpen (FB Command, Velo, Khaos, Distraction, Mental, ect)
    • Mental Game 
    • PFP, Picks, & Controlling Runners
  • Hitting Lessons,

    • Build an athletic, mechanically sound swing
    • Understand swing plane, launch angles, exit velo, and ball flight
    • Mental side of hitting including approach, confidence, and situational hitting
    • Use of video analysis
  • Catching Lessons,

    • Receiving
    • Blocking
    • Throwing
    • Pitch Calling & More
  • Fielding Lessons,

    • 6 F's: Feet, Field, Funnel, Footwork, Fire, Follow
    • Double Play Feeds
    • Backhands
    • Slow Rollers

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