Terms and Conditions

By signing up with an Express Baseball team you are committing to joining the The Express Baseball Club for at least one season. ALL AGREEMENTS WILL RENEW AUTOMATICALLY UNLESS CANCELLED WITH 60-DAY WRITTEN NOTICE.  Fall Season is 4 months & spring/summer season is 8 months.  You understand that not fulfilling your commitment is taking away a slot for another player that is willing to fully commit to a roster spot on one of our teams. You understand that The Express Baseball Club fees cover expenses to include tournament entry fees, association fees, league fees, insurance, team facility access and usage, equipment and other expenses that the organization deems as necessary. For this reason, it is imperative that your payments are received each month and on time as late fees in agreement will begin to incur when payments are late.  There is a stict, "No Pay" "No Play" policy.


The Express Baseball Club, LLC. reserves the right to use any and all means necessary to collect (in full) any remaining balance as a result of you defaulting on the agreed upon required fees and payments, regardless of membership status. In the event that we have to seek legal counsel to collect, you agree to pay the organization’s attorney fees. By signing with us you understand, accept, and agree to these terms. If the account falls in default status, reporting the delinquency to credit bureau will occur.


Parents are responsible for ensuring that all The Express Baseball Clubs player payments are made on or before the payment deadlines. If your payment is not received by the due date and arrangements have not been made, your child may not be allowed to participate in practices or scheduled tournaments until payments are made current, regardless of the reason(s). You and your coach will immediately be notified after the due date of your athlete ineligibility status to participate in any further practices and/or tournaments. This will be strictly enforced.


Because baseball is played outside and subject to weather, The Express Baseball Club does not guarantee any number of games or tournaments are played in exchange for club fees.  The club pays fees outside the cost of games or tournaments that will not be mitigated by weather.  Each team operates on a team budget. After rosters are set, schedules are sent out of expected events for the season. Because each team operates on a team budget, players that are injured or quit the team will not be refunded their money.  Refunds are not possible because each teams events are tied to the FULL team budget and removing funds for a refund for one player who was injured or quit, would hurt the experience of the remaining players on that team. 


Termination of Contract

Applicant understands and agrees that this contract is binding from they date its signed and will automatically renew at the completion of the agreement unless terminated with a 60-Day notice.  If a player quits the team, payments may continue to draft for up to 60-days if proper notice was not received. All payments will always be completed for the agreement signed (option 1, option 2, or option 3). ALL FEES WILL BE DUE REGARDLESS OF THE DURATION OF PLAY. To terminate contract e-mail: info@expressbaseballclub.com with the subject line: "Cancel My Membership"


Responsibility to pay

Applicants must understand and agree that they are responsible for all team and uniform fees payable. Regardless of the duration of play or practice by player once we submit this registration. Applicant understands that the uniform is NOT included in this registration and they will need to pay two hundred and ninty five dollars seperate form this registration for the uniform.


Parent Agreement and Refund Policy


The guardian registering for The Express Baseball Club understand they are paying for their athlete to be a part of a team without any guarantees as to: (1) the make-up of the team, (2) the teams performance, (3) the ATHLETES performance, (4) playing time, (5) promise of a spot on a particular roster (6) promise of a spot on the roster the next season, or (7) Promise or guarantee of a certain number of tournaments, practices, games or events. (8) Promise of a location of practices. (9) Promise of a particular coach. There are no refunds at any time, for any reason. Applicant should understand and agree that ALL payments made to The Express Baseball Club are non-refundable. Express Applicants should also understand that if they do not meet the payment deadlines, registrant may not be allowed to participate in practices or tournaments until all payments are made current.